6 Best community fish for 30 gallon aquarium

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6 Best community fish for 30 gallon aquarium

Tanks with different species of fish in them are the best types of aquarium due to the diversity in color and swimming habits of the different types of fish. With a 29 tall or 30 gallon aquarium you have lots of community fish options to stock your tank with. In this guide on the 6 best community fish for 30 gallon aquarium I will show you what fish I would I would stock an aquarium with and why.

6 best community fish for 30 gallon aquarium
how to choose fish for 30 gallon community tank

What to consider when picking the 5 best community fish for a 20 gallon tank

A 20 gallon tank is big enough that you can add bigger fish and more fish to the tank, you still want to be careful not to overstock the tank right away before it has a chance to establish the bio load management in it.

1. Size of the fish

The size of the fish can be important when selecting the 5 best community fish for a 20 gallon tank. You want to choose fish that are all similar in size to one another so one species does not bully or consider another species food.

2. Water Chemistry

Different species of fish prefer different water parameters and it is important to find fish that prefer the water the same temperature and the same hardness.

3. Diet and feeding habits

Having fish that have the same diet will make it easier to feed your fish the proper diet. If your fish are carnivores it is important to make sure all the fish are carnivores or at least omnivores. And the same holds true for herbivores.

4. Temperament and compatibility with other fish.

The temperament of each fish species can be different and it is important to find fish that have a similar temperament and chemistry. This will help with the compatibility with each fish and how they interact with each other.

6 Best community fish for 30 gallon aquarium

While there are lots of different fish you can choose for a 30 gallon aquarium if they are all the same species, there are only a couple of combinations that I have seen work well together with plenty of hiding spaces for the fish to go to if they feel stressed or bullied.

Pro Tip

Choose fish based on where they prefer living in the tank.

The tank can be broken up into 3 zones; top, middle, bottom.

Top half of the tank: Some species of fish like guppies prefer the top half of the tank because in their natural environment they feed on the surface of the water.

Middle of the tank: Some species on the other hand like tetras, angel fish, and cichlids prefer the middle of the tank.

Bottom of the tank: Bottom of the tank feeders are going to be your traditional bottom feeders like cory catfish and plecos. These fish are scavengers and feed primarily on the bottom of the tank in the substrate.

1. Cherry Barb

The Cherry Barb (Puntius titteya) is a species of colorful fish native to Sri Lanka, but have also been seen in Central America, Due to their stunning appearance and easy-to-maintain care requirements, they have become increasingly popular for home aquariums. Currently, Cherry Barbs’ conservation status is classified as “Vulnerable” according to the IUCN Red List and should be obtained from reliable sources only.

Cherry barb
Cherry barb

These fish are known to be peaceful and tolerant when it comes to their tankmates. They can easily be combined with a range of other freshwater fish species, regardless of their size. Thus, Cherry Barbs make an excellent addition in a diverse aquarium community.

2. Guppies


Guppy fish are an ideal choice for those looking to start their own fish-keeping tank, as they are well-suited to peaceful multi-species tanks. These small fish possess vibrant fan-like tails in a variety of colors, making them an aesthetically pleasing addition to any aquarium. Guppies tend to swim towards the top of the water and do best in tanks with plenty of vegetation. Furthermore, breeding is easy, since guppies are livebearers and the fry are born fully-formed.

3. Glass Catfish

image 7
Glass catfish

Glass catfish are a great addition to any freshwater tank due to their low-maintenance nature and active behavior. With their striking translucent bodies, they make for a unique and eye-catching addition. Adding other tank mates to your community tank is easy and hassle-free as long as you keep away from large and aggressive species. Glass catfish will thrive in a well-maintained aquarium, keeping your tank lively and vibrant.

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