When is the best time of the day to feed the fish in the tank: Beginners guide to a feeding schedule

best time of day to feed fish

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When is the best time of the day to feed the fish in the tank: Beginners guide to a feeding schedule

The best time to feed your fish is in the morning just after sunrise and in the evening right before sunset. This when most fish eat in nature. Some exceptions to this are herbivores and omnivores that tend to forage throughout the day and some nocturnal species.

If you stick to a regular feeding schedule your fish will soon get to recognize what time it is to eat and they will start coming out from their hiding spots and swim back and forth looking for their food. How to properly feed your fish

How to determine the best time to feed your fish?

You will have to do some experimenting with them right away to determine what time your fish like to eat and it will also depend on your schedule to. The best thing you can do for your fishes feeding schedule to make it the same time each day. This will help the fish know when to expect to eat an they will eat more food. How often to feed your fish

What species is your fish?

The species of your fish is going to have a big impact on when they like to eat. If they are a carnivore that likes live foods or an animal based diet they are going to prefer to eat in the morning or evening when they are naturally out hunting their prey. These fish can include barbs, sharks, cichlids, puffers, and oscars.

If they are a herbivore like plecos or goldfish, they will eat at anytime because in their natural habitat they would graze on plants throughout the day.

Omnivores are like guppies and danios prefer a diet that is plant and meat based and they like their herbivore cousins will eat at anytime through the day.

When is your fish the most active?

After you have observed your fish for a while you will notice that they are more active at certain times of the days than others. This generally when the best time to feed them is.

When they are active it could mean that they are out hunting for food, and this is when they want to eat.

Night feeding

Some fishes such as loaches and plecos prefer to eat at night. The best time to feed these fish is right after you turn the lights off in your aquarium and in your house. You can drop some algae wafers into the tank and in the morning they will be gone. This is because they are eaten in the night by the nigh feeders.

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